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    Hey Guys,

    OK so I have had niggles for about 1 year noin setting up my GLD80’s to operate as midi surface controllers in Reason 7 now, and I had hoped that these problems would maybe either be my fault… or be ironed out in the QU16.

    Seemingly however, i cannot get the QU16 to operate successfully as a midi control surface at all in Reason, Logic or even Protools 10/11.
    I am experiencing the same issues. Basically try to teach a gesture of fading say for example “QU16 fader 1” to “Reason Fader 1”, and the fader when taught and activated….. only allows the fader on screen in reason to be droppe to the bottom… can’t even be brought back up at all. Very strange

    Anyone have any clear manner in which they may have successfully managed to get the QU16 to control faders, mutes, solos etc in Reason??
    thanks guys!!


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    Nicola A&H

    Hi Jonny,

    Are you using MIDI strips in the Custom Layer, or trying to assign faders of Input Channels?

    Input and Mix Channels send / respond to MIDI NRPN messages which many DAWs have difficulties decoding. In V1.2 we introduced new MIDI strips which send / respond to standard MIDI CC messages. You should be able to ‘learn’ these in your DAW without any problem. MIDI strips are described in the updated User Guide.

    You can also download the free DAW Control driver which will emulate a HUI or Mackie Control surface. More info here.

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    Hi Nicola,

    AH haaaa…. I managed to get it right with your help.

    First of all on the QU16:
    Go to “Setup : Control : Custom Layer”

    Select each of the channel boxes to “midi”
    Then exit the menu and select the custom layer on the desk by pressing the two layers buttons simultaneously

    here’s what I had to set in Reason:
    Go to “Reason : Preferences : Control Surfaces”

    Under Control Surfaces do NOT try and setup the QU16 as a mackie system of any kind – it simply will not work.
    Choose “Add”, then when prompted in the next window, choose “Other” as manufacturer.
    Then select “Midi Control Surface” under Model,
    Then type a name for the device “QU16” for example,
    Then Click “Find” on Midi Input and move a fader.
    this will show the midi input as being only “QU-16 midi Out”

    you’ll see a successfully added device in reasons preference once you complete this.

    Now to map each control (its maybe a good idea to setup a standard 16 track recording “template / just a file that you open and re-save with a new name per each project” that you use for each of your recorded productions – this will save you re-mapping each time.

    In reason : right click on a fader then choose “Edit Remote override mapping”
    Now click on a fader in reason – then move the QU-16 fader that you want to have correspond the action to the reason fader.

    sadly – this method does not allow the QU16 mute buttons to operate – but its the only way I have been able to get anything t operate at all. The mackie mode just does not work in Reason with the QU-16 – or if it does – I can’t figure it out.

    thanks guys!


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    Hello all.

    My first post here. I just wanted to let you know that since I bought my QU 32 2 months ago I have been doing extensive midi mapping of the console. We use Propellerheads Reason 9.1 ,Pro Tools 11 and Ableton 9.7 as DAWs. I have been able to map all the mapable parameters on the touchscreen that send MIDI data (Procesing:- EQ,gate,compresion,trim, Routing: Mix sends) to the channel strip on the Reason SSL Mixer. For this I use Bome MT Pro. I have done this one the setup layer, because Reason doesn’t fully support the 32 channels in DAW Control on the board ( just 16 channels and no select button). This is mapped on all 32 channels(will map also all mapable ones in the control layer) on the setup layer and they will be fixed, so a saved template for Reason will be necesary. It works also in daw control, but the channel has to be selected from the setup layer. The master fader is also fully mapped. The board is performing extremly well. I think it will be fully running in about a week. Will do it for Ableton and Pro Tools as well.

    Kind regards


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    Hi there – I did follow your instructions, but as soon as I edit the Remote Override Mapping in Reason fx for an Audio Track 1 and move a fader on the Qu-16, the Fader/Audio-Track in Reason jumps to the buttom but does not move along with the Qu-16-fader.

    It always maps CC-38.

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