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    So after reading the manual it seems there is no way to get matrix outputs without using an AR box. I have the purple series! The Purple Club. 😐
    I am looking at buying an Qu-SB so can someone advise me if I use an AR84 the small 8-in 4-out, can I assign the matrix to those outputs?

    OR… with out physically purchasing the unit, are the matrix’s assignable to say outputs 7/8 & 9/10? This would be good!?

    I just want to be able to get a simple duplicate copy of FOH for remote delayed extension speakers with out having to use the existing paralleling outputs of the mix ports 7/8 9/10.

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    Dick Rees


    I always go to the Demo mode on my iPad to check such things.

    It seems you can route Mixes to a Matrix but not the other way around. I have a pile of analog gear still on the shelves and would just use a delay unit and a Rane line mixer/splitter in a pinch.

    Looks like the expander box is in your future.

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    Yes Thanks
    I did exactly that!
    Demo mode…

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    Apologies to all.
    I see there is a TRS out for the matrix.
    I guess that’s what happens when you physically dont have the hardware directly in front of you.
    There’s a phones out but no ALT out hmm?

    Do you think the Matrix TRS will power sets of powered-speakers 60 metres? Balanced of course…
    I always have this internal issue about sending audio from TRS rather than XLR.
    Cheers anyhow.

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    Hi Dave,

    I have both the QU-16 and QU-SB, the latter being the one I now use all the time for both the band I play in and for when I am doing PA hire with a friend of mine, he sits at FOH on his X32 and I am on monitor duties using the QU-SB. Great piece of kit.

    I can confirm it does have Matrix outputs, like you say, these are TRS outputs and sadly not XLR. There is no Alt out which is a shame as I found that handy to use on my QU-16. I don’t think you will have any problems sending a signal to a pair of powered speakers regardless of the distance being 60m.


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    The trsvoits are electrically equivalent to the xlr outs I think.

    Matrix can be routed to anyboutput on a dSnake box

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    Thanks Bob yes.
    I don’t want to use a dSnake box
    I’m wanting a stand alone physically small mixer for my foot pedals [in the band I play in] actually built into the floor case.
    I’m sure the TRS will be fine.

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