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    Greetings. I have gone step by step through a pdf provided in these forums to connect the newest Airport Express to the iPad and the Qu-SB. The settings don’t seem to take to the router that are recommended in the pdf, and when it seems like they have, the QuPad software gives a connection failure alert. Does anyone have a method for getting this to work properly? Seems like a lot of hassle for something that should be very plug and play.

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    The onlu suggestion I have for you is to make absolutely sure you use a proper Cable between the AE and your mixer. That was where my initial connecting problems originated. With the right cable it was a walk in the park.


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    make sure you plug the cat5 into a lan on the Airport Express.

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    I’ve never had luck with an Airport Express and my Qu-16, Qu-SB, or GLD-80.
    I know some folks have, but it never worked for me.
    I have 3 TP-Link routers and they work fine, easy to set up, etc…

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    Are there recommended routers from AH? Guessing which ones will work seems like a bad business move.

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    I’ve done more than a dozen installs with variety of ASUS, Linksys, Netgear and others. Never had anything not work.

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    Airport Express should work nicely with additional benefit of having AirPlay. It just needs to be setup correctly. Configuration and parameters are essentially the same for any kind of access point, the Airport Express is nothing special in this respect.

    – Connect to your Airport Express (accesspoint, router) via LAN to a Mac or PC
    – Use the AirPort app connect to the Airport Express for configuration (other routers may use a web frontend)
    – Set to use “DHCP only” not “DHCP and NAT”, which is the default on Airport Express
    – Configure a proper DHCP range, not the default AutoIP. For example use start:, End, Mask and Router to be Setup IP Address of the Airport Express to as well.
    . Setup WLAN with a Name, WPA2 security and a proper password. I prefer to make that network hidden to avoid getting traffic from any mobile phone around.
    – Connect the Network port (not the dSnake Port) of your Qu-something to the Airport Express (or whatever access point).
    – Login to the WLAN from your mobile device and launch QuPad application.
    – Your Qu-something should now be visible on the device list, since it is running via DHCP by default. Select and login.
    – I’d recommend to use a fixed IP address on the Qu, which could be configured on Setup->Control-Network. With the above DHCP range a proper choice would be, Mask and Router You need to reconnect to the Qu afterwards.

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    Arc, where are you located? I can message you my phone number and I can get you hooked up.

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    Mike C

    I have great results with TP Link Archer C7 and Netgreat R7000 routers. I carry both as well as another smaller Netgear router I can’t remember the model number of right now! I only operate them in the 5ghz mode, 2.4 is turned off.
    On my QuPac I have it set to a static IP address, my iPads connect via DHCP and I have the DHCP set to only a six address range.

    While were talking routers what other favorites does anyone have for stable longer range connections.
    Line of site I can get a solid 150 feet plus with either one of those.

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