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    Tim Starace

    We just purchased a shiny new A&H Qu-SB and AB168 for our IEM’s and to supply FOH.
    We recieved it just as we were leaving for a short mid west run so we couldn’t take it out with us but we did a quick setup and all went well initially.
    Upon returning to the studio we set out to complete getting the combo ready for touring and the AB168 refused to link.
    We checked the firmare version, reset the SB, changed to Cat6, Cat5, Cat5e, etc…..
    We believe it is the AB168 that is at fault but being new to A&H we are just guessing.
    We shot off a support ticket and are still waiting for a response. (over a week)
    Although our distributer is replacing the unit (AB168) we’re still confident this is the solution we are looking for to manage our fly dates.

    Question 1 – Any ideas as to what may cause this?
    Question 2 – What is there the most efficient way to contact customer support?

    Thank you

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    Sometimes one or more of the contact strips inside the DSnake connections get bend. Usually rough handling or trying to plug in something that doesn’t belong there.

    Good luck !


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    Mike C

    How long are the cables?

    Giga had a good suggestion on the DSnake connector pins, had a mixer at an install
    that would not connect and a couple pins were popped out of place on the mixer.

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    Tim Starace

    Thank you for the suggestions.
    The ethernet cables we tried are 3 ft long.
    The AB168 was plugged in and working when we left and just wouldn’t connect when we returned.
    As for rough handling both units are brand new.

    Still waiting for any response from customer service.

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    Tim Starace

    I recieved a replacement AB168 from my distributor and so far it’s working.

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