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    Hi I own one SQ5 which I love. I wanted to buy a stage box to expand my I/O but was thinking if it would be better to buy something like Qu-SB or Qu-Pac. If I understand, you can use those both as a stage box but then when needed for smaller events I could use it as the main mixer with an Ipad. Any thoughts of whitch one would be a better choice or if a regular stage box like AB-168 would be better?

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    Pretty sure you can’t use either as a stage box with your SQ5 I’m afraid. But as a proud owner of a QU Pac, I can safely say that they are just ticket for smaller events, especially pub gigs where space is tight.
    Tour best bet is to get a DX168 which delivers the 96k of the desk, as opposed to a AB168 which is only 48k.

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    Alex A&H

    Hi Eythoralex,

    The Qu-SB and Qu-Pac are both mixers and cannot be used as a stage box in the same way as a DX or AB box. You can share audio between Qu and SQ, but there is no control over the preamps from the SQ when the inputs of the Qu are used. This means that you would need to use the Qu-Pad app to make preamp adjustments on the Qu.

    If you were to use an AB168 stage box with your SQ, you could also use it with a Qu-SB or Qu-Pac for events that require a smaller foot print. As this would give you 32 microphone inputs in this small setup.


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    Thanks, I will probably later buy something like DX168 but in the meentime I could buy Qu for extra inputs but would need an extra Ipad to control the preamps. Everything else I could control in the SQ

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