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    I think I know how to solve this problem externally, but I’m wondering if there’s another within the mixer…

    Our church runs a QU-SB and outputs a live mix and another mono “online” mix that feeds into the video system, which is a camcorder recording to a tablet via USB.

    The QU-SB outputs Online (Mix 1) at standard pro +4db line level. The camera input expects -10db consumer line level. Unaltered, I end up sending the mix with the fader down around the noise floor, otherwise I clip the audio input on the camera. Is there a setting in the QU-SB I can toggle to dampen the pro line level output? I suppose I could use the GEQ to cut -12db’s worth of output gain, but I’m thinking that I’d be boosting the noise floor as well when I push the mix fader up? Any other ideas?

    I know I can buy an external line level shifter for $100 bucks, but I’d really rather not have another appliance in the path. Maybe one of you knows how to make the fancy whiz-bang mixer I’ve already got accomplish this.

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    You could try sending the mix via the matrix and dampen it there ? Using the eq the way you suggested will almost certain increase noise.

    Good luck !



    You’re saying turn on the mix send to the matrix bus and set the level to something like -14db? I think this will have the same effect regarding noise floor as pulling down the GEQ. The matrix sends pro line level as well…

    If I’m going to have to spend $100, maybe the answer is to bypass the camera’s ext. audio input and go into a USB audio interface instead. Combine audio and video at the recording device. A cheap audio interface costs about the same as the level shifter and is bound to have a better DAC than the camcorder.

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    Mike C

    What camera are you using? And what kind of connection does it have for the input?

    Many times when interfacing between an audio system and video system you will need to use transformer isolation.

    Keep in mind your coming from a balanced output on the mixer to possibly a stereo unbalanced input on the camera.


    It’s a cheap handycam. Surely an unbalanced stereo input. 3.5mm TRS.

    I hadn’t looked into an isolation xfmr, but if it does what it sounds like that would make sense. The more I look into this the more I think the separate USB audio interface is probably the most bulletproof way to go.

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