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    I am scratching my head at this issue, i had seen it before and chalked this up to incorrect setup on the midi surface control stuff, which never seamed to work right for me. Well A&H released a new video on the midi control setup process and now that seams to work fine, but i am having an issue that i saw before would happen randomly and now i can actually recreate the issue at will.

    When i click and drag a region to alter the size or move the entire region, Channels 1-16 on my QU all get muted. This is so weird, i have actually disabled the A&H Daw control driver and it is still happening. Anyone else experience this issue or know where to begin to fix it?

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    You probably should ensure that the midi connection is only used for the DAW control and that logic does not send anything else to that port.
    Channel Mutes, for example, are controlled via Note ON messages. When Logic sends out notes while selecting objects, it is likely that some channels get muted…
    Qu MIDI Protocol

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