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    Myself and another person perform duties at a local church for the audio-visual media department. We are not professionals and only perform this position once or twice a week. We currently use an analog Soundcraft GB2 mixer which has served us well for the last 7 years. We would like to add more ports so we are looking to upgrade at the same time our mixer to a digital one.

    ** What are the differences between the 2 models ???
    ** Which is easier to learn and operate ?? Since we are only there a limited time, we have limited time to learn and become proficient.
    ** We also perform livestream to FaceBook so we currently have a Shure device that takes our current mixer output and connect it to our laptop via USB so we can add the sound to the live stream. Does any of these mixers have this ability built in ?? If none, what device would you recommend for us to use to output the sound from the mixer to the laptop via USB ??
    ** Which would you recommend for our needs and environment ??

    Thank you for reading and giving any information, experience, suggestions, etc.

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    SQ5 and a DX168 stage box will be the best answer to provide not only todays needs but it also offers world class processing that will not become obsolete any time in the foreseeable future. The QU, while serviceable, does not offer the SQ’s world class FPGA processing or 96K sample rate that greatly aids the overall performance of the desk.
    Talk to a reputable A&H dealer and arrange for an audition at your church with the SQ5/DX168 package and judge it for yourself.

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    Mike C

    The GB series were good mid level analog mixers, both the QU and SQ mixers would be a big step up.
    How many input channels are you using now and anticipate needing in the future? The QU series tops out at 32 channels, you can use a stage box or boxes with the QU to have more
    than 32 inputs connected and in patching select up to 32 inputs needed at a given time.

    The SQ will go to 48 channels.

    Think also about the learning curve for the operators. Once either one is properly set up it can be down to pushing faders and hitting mutes or scene recalls. When last minute routing changes, ect. need to be made you need someone who has taken it on themselves to dive into the inner layers of the mixer.

    Being able to control the mixer remotely with an iPad is very handy.
    You can download the Qu and SQ apps and run them in demo mode and kind of
    get an idea how the mixers operate.

    For your live streaming audio question, either mixer has a USB B output than can directly feed a computer, the proper mix out routing would need to be set up.
    Your Shure USB audio interface would still work as well connected to a mix output.
    Most of those want to see a mic level input so you may need to use a PAD on the input.

    A big advantage is being able to operate the mixers remotely with an iPad. You can
    down load the SQ and QU apps and running them in demo mode will give you an idea how the mixers operate.

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    Thank you everyone for your input, suggestions, and sharing your experiences !!! Please keep them coming !!! God Bless !!!

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    I’ve been a very happy QU-16 for many years but bought an SQ5 about 6 months ago and delighted I did. For me the main points are:
    – Sounds better than QU (especially with DX168);
    – Various features and additions in the signal chain that all make a difference to sound quality and usability

    – Easier to handle drop in changes on stage
    * Its very easy to drag and drop configure inputs and groups and fx returns onto a layer on the SQ;
    * Scribble Strips and colouring means that if you do so you can still see what is what;
    * One button check of input channel patch assignment means that you can allow physical inputs to be different from the layout on the board you know you can immediately see and trace patching if you have a lead failure or stage problem of some kind.

    I’m not doing the same shows for the same bands all the time.
    Despite my best pre-show efforts to determine what will be on stage my shows sometimes change quite a bit with acts and players getting added in right up to the last moment quite often.
    I find it really hard to work however if, when this happens, my desk fader layout gets really messed up. It stresses me out.
    I like my guitars to be all roughly in the same place on the board but corresponding to their physical positions on the stage. So my guitars are not mixed up in with the vocals and the Gat1 is far left stage and Gat2 the one centre or right of stage. Say.
    If you have a lot active channels in a show this really helps you to find stuff and not to push the wrong fader.

    So you all set up then Band lead comes up: “Hey man, my mate has turned up and we want him to play Acc Gat with us as well.. that ok?”
    The first physical channel you got left free is CH 22. Prob on the drum snake.
    On Qu first reaction was “bugger!!”

    But SQ it’s ok.
    You plug the gat in Ch22 on the stage. On the desk you find Ch22 strip.. name it Gat2, go the layer layout tab, shuffle things around a bit to make a space, drag that channel strip into the layer in position in the Inst group next to all the other guitars where I like it to be. Go the the layer. You can see its name in the scribble strip. Assign it to necessary groups, fx sends etc there in place. Done.

    For me.. its a life saver and keeps me from panic if everything goes to custard 15 mins before show!!
    QU does have this to an extent but the SQ has it nailed.
    Your milage may vary on need for this 🙂 For me it is the best thing

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