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    Victor Kennedy

    I’ve had a QU-16 for a few years and had no problems really, but I just got a new Mac Studio M1 MAX, running Yosemite 12.2 OS, and am setting it all up.

    I use Studio One Pro 5. I’ve not yet done any recordings with it on the new system, but while setting up and installing plugins etc I played a few notes on Spitfire BBC
    SO, TT Superior Drummer2, other pads etc, and although it plays ok, I get a ‘cyclic’ tik-tik-tok sort of sound, rendering it useless in all reality. This is happening also in the standalone Air Ignite, so it’s nothing to do with Studio One.

    Is there an issue with the QU-16 and the new Mac chip? Is anyone else encountered this?
    Surely there is a way around this, and I’d be grateful of all advice…Thanks…

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    Victor Kennedy

    SORRY…OSX MONTEREY 12.2 not Yosemite

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    KeithJ A&H

    @victor Kennedy

    Please ensure you’re running the latest firmware on your Qu.
    The V1.95 maintenance update included improvements to USB-B streaming for some setups.

    If this doesn’t help, you can contact us directly using support.allen-heath.com and we’ll go through some troubleshooting to see if we can figure it out with you.


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    Victor Kennedy

    @KeithJ A&H
    Thanks for your reply. I did get a call from Apple Support and the guy was very patient and helpful.

    While I was updating the Firmware of QU-16 the Mac froze completely and I couldn’t continue. During the Apple call we spent about 30 minutes going through all the various ‘power off – on’ scenario etc without success, and then eventually he suggested trying a different keyboard (qwerty) and surprisingly a Logitech wireless Kybrd gave back full use of the Mouse and Kybrd, both of which had frozen.
    We ran through some checks and now everything is back to normal. Updating the QU-16 Firmware has fixed the noise issue, but it’s very strange why during that process, (actually right after I initiated the update via USB in QU) the Mac Studio froze. We coud see no reason for this, even the Apple Support guy was unable to find a reason. As it happens, I later reconnected the Apple wired Kybrd and things seem fine now.

    Here’s t’ hopin’ the new setup delivers some sweet sounds…

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