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    I bought a QU-16 from Guitar Center last week. I tested it at home for few hours , just try to get a handle of the basic functionality. I had a Gig today morning at new Venue (Never performed there before). My setup was 2 K-10 QSC Mixers, with Senheisser Cordless MIC and a Shure Personal Monitor, + IPOD for Backing tracks. 10 minutes into the show, I see the touchscreen started to flicker, this continued to happen throughout the show and at some times, it was so bad, that i could not see anything but lines on the screen. There was no impact to the Sound or output of the mixer, it was just the touchscreen.
    Want to understand, if this could be caused by bad input power or likewise.I have taken a short clip attached.

    Please let me know your thoughts. Has anyone experienced this before.

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    With File attached. Had to trim file. Apologize for the short clip.

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    Dick Rees

    Plugging your gear into random power is like clicking on links in email SPAM. Sooner or later you’re going to get burned…probably sooner.

    I recommend two things:

    1. purchase and learn how to use a good digital multimeter like a Fluke. USE IT!
    Even if you’ve been in a venue before, test EVERY TIME you go back.

    2. Even with thorough testing I still use a good voltage regulator. Not a “power conditioner”, but a real voltage regulator.

    Step 3 is to purchase a nice Honda EU series generator for outdoor use where the presenter wants to furnish you with some cheap-a**, unmuffled, unregulated construction generator…or wants to run a couple hundred feet of household extension cord to the stage.

    My bet’s on dodgy power…

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    Brand new – I’d be more tempted to suggest infant mortality.

    I was expecting you to say that you updated the mixer and did the gig – screen flicker is common between upgrade and next reboot.

    Does it still flicker at home?

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    I would be curious if it flickers at home too. Tough to say if it was bad power, but i would be surprised power were the issue, and the only part of the desk that was affected was the screen. If it were me i would probably exchange it through GC for a new one.

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    Ok. Thanks to all responses. Loved the one, about Fluke Multimeters, Haven’t used one in 25 yrs.

    So the bad news is that, I tested the Unit at home and it seems to be an issue with the Console itself. Now at home, i happens within 5 minutes of power on. Will be going to GC tomorrow and return the unit and get a replacement.

    Hope, I get better luck with the next unit…

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