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    Suppose I am logged in as a user who does NOT have permission to change strip assigns ( for example), but DOES have permission to do scene recalls. What happens if I recall a scene that attempts to change a strip assignment?

    Does it change it anyway, because the permission only applies to the user interface to strip assigns, or does it not change it because the permission has a higher priority than the scene recall and blocks ANY attempt to change a strip assign however instigated?

    I’m guessing it is the former. I know the right answer is go try it, but I am at home and the desk is in church and I can’t use the editor to investigate this sort of thing.

    I suspect I can answer my own question by considering a show change. If the user is allowed to load a new show, surely that MUST change everything irrespective of the other permissions. I’m guessing a similar logic applies to the lesser case of a scene recall.

    But it would be nice to know for certain.

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