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    Hello awesome A&H Folks,

    I’d like to raise an issue, that’s been raised here in the forums a few times, by myself and a few other users. However in all of the times it has been raised in the past, there’s not been much of a response from A&H – so i’m wondering if we could dialogue on this and see if we can’t make it somehow a reality? It’s something I’ve been hoping for for a few years, and would have a huge positive effect on the 25+ GLDs I’ve placed at various churches.

    I would really like the ability to either:

    a) Password protect a show file so that it cannot be overwritten


    b) Be able to set a user permission that has the ability to LOAD show files, and create show files, but not overwrite them (unless they belong to the current logged-in user.)

    Option B would be the most desirable option IMHO.

    Just to add clarity, this would be for SHOW files, NOT scenes.

    The use case is this: In many of the churches that we setup, we create a “default” starting point (show file) that contains all of the patching, basic system setup, etc. We do not want that to be able to be overwritten (nor does the church!) As odd as it seems, sometimes folks think “overwrite” means “overwrite the console with the contents of the file.”

    Users load the default file at the start of each practice. They then set about naming channels to personalize, and make any other appropriate changes. At the end of practice, they save the show file as the date of the event (usually the upcoming sunday.) When they arrive Sunday, they recall that date’s show file, and have their event. At the end of the event, they delete that show file, rinse, and repeat on the next practice day.

    Would really want the ability to only limit a user to overwriting show files written by admins – by most accounts, these users will have most all other features enabled.

    Thank you.

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