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    So we have a new building and I was looking at the SQ5. I already have one in our main church building and I like that Crestron can send the IP commands to set the presets for the SQ5.

    However, that is set up where it is one space doing the presets.

    I was looking at getting one SQ5, but it would be controlling two separate areas. My thought was to have the two separate rooms set on different buses as the outputs. And if I make the channels set to prefade, then the main fading would not affect the room volume if I am correct.

    My bigger concern is on the Presets. We have Crestron in our new building and I want to mimic the IP commands so someone could just press the crestron button and it go to a preset. However, with it being two separate buses, how would that need to be set up so it would not affect the other buses when a preset is selected? Is there a way to set up a preset for only one bus? Or would I have to go the more tedious route where I get all the settings/volumes correct (like a default) for the spaces and then set the presets for the specific events (like Youth night where the music may be louder in the youth space). That would be more tedious as I would always have to go back to the default before setting up the individual presets for the individual bus/room, but that was the only thing I could think of outside of their being a way to program a preset for only one bus.

    Thanks for the insight on how this could be accomplished.

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