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    DCA Spilling introduced with Firmware 1.5 is a great Feature which eases up SQ Usage a lot. Thanks a lot for implementing that.

    But it looks a bit incomplete – there are some caveats that should not be hard to solve in future firmware releases. My suggestion:

    – the Status of “DCA Spill on Select” should be a switch somewhere in the Console Setup so one can permanently activate it without wasting a Soft Key.

    – As well it should be possible to activate DCA Spill on Select in the App.

    – as well, “DCA Spill on Select” Status should be a possible Part of Scenes and have a switch in local and gobal Scene Filters. There is space on the Menu screens for that so it should not be too hard to add a control on the touch screen.

    – now it’s mainly impossible to change DCA Membership when DCA Spill on Sel is active.

    Should be possible to do that by first selecting a DCA Master and then hold the “Assign” Button. In that case, the layer assignments could temporarily switch back to layer mode as long as the Button is held and allow to use “Select” Buttons to change Membership to the selected DCA. It should also be possible to jump to all layers while doing that and to select Bus Masters as DCA Members by pressing their Master Button.

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