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    Hello folks!

    Is there any known issues with parallel groups incurring latency compared to the “dry” channel signal when summed together on the master buss?

    I’ve created a couple parallel groups (fed by Ip channels) for the intention of blending in parallel processing with the “dry” channels. Think parallel all vox group or parallel kick/sn/bass group. The outputs of the Ip channels & groups are routed to the master buss. The purpose of these groups is to blend in the heavily compressed group processing with the channel processed “dry” signals.

    I am new to the SQ5 & I’ve been practicing with a virtual sound check on headphones. The mixes w/ the parallel groups are sounding good on headphones.

    Is there any concern of these parallel groups incurring any latency compared to the “dry” channel signal thus creating comb filtering/ phase problems? Again, it’s sounding good headphones. Have not yet listened on a FOH system.

    Thanks for your time!

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    Mike C

    The routing on an SQ compensated for internal latency, so double patch all you want!

    Now on the QU series it is not compensated.

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