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    There should be an option to not mute the Mix out when the DCA is muted.

    This is necessary to keep monitors (IEMs) active when FOH is muted via a DCA.

    Yea … I know … you can pull down the DAC’s fader. But, wouldn’t the DCA’s Mute button be a more efficient workflow ?

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    as i already wrote in your other thread on the same topic, i see no problem.
    i find the function as it is logical.

    you could also just work with subgroups, so you get your function right now.

    but – maybe – there will be a possibility to change it sometime?
    i just hope that the default setting stays as it is 😉

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    By virtue a better request would be PER mute group behavior modifier (mutes post-fader sends only OR pre-fader & post-fader) [applies to DCA as well].

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    KeithJ A&H

    As posted in the general forum on the same subject-

    Hi all,

    On any A&H mixer, the mute will mute the channel/s associated with it. This is the case for individual mutes or Mute/DCA groups.
    If you ‘mute’ a channel, by definition, no sound should come from it. The only exception to this rule is where the signal is not part of the mix (direct outs) and this is why you have the option to ‘follow’ mutes instead.

    The thinking is that, although the outcome is basically the same, muting a channel is actually different from pulling a fader down to -inf (Pre and Post fade refer only to the fader position).
    DCA’s affect level rather than mutes, so the function of the ‘Mute’ key on a DCA channel strip is not defined, and there is certainly no consensus as to what exactly it should do.

    If you need to remove channels from a mix on the SQ, you can easily un-assign and re-assign by holding the ‘Assign’ key and using the ‘Sel’ keys, therefore most engineers find it useful to have these ‘DCA Mutes’ work as extra mute groups.

    However – I can see how it would be useful to have an option here, so will note as a feature request the ability to choose whether DCA mutes follow pre/post fader settings as it seems this would cover it.


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    That would be the best possible solution 😉

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    Perhaps I could revive this discussion? It would be an excellent feature to be able to adjust the behavior of the DCA mute. The following description was the default behavior of my X32 and something I am definitely missing.

    My typical festival workflow was to mute a DCA with all instrument inputs assigned which would simply eliminate them in the mains. Inputs would remain active in the monitors as the next group set up and we dialed in their channels on-stage. Once the on-stage mixes were set I would then unmute the DCA, sending instrument inputs back to the mains before pulling the program out of the mains.

    The key is the program music. This needs to go to the mains the whole time, which means I cannot mute my mains directly.

    As stated, the only difference with my SQ is that I need to pull the DCA fader down rather than muting it. Seemingly incidental, but the action is not assignable to a softkey shortcut.

    Edit: the assign/un-assign would certainly function, but there is not a way to hotkey that action for a particular set of inputs as far as I am aware.

    Thank you for your consideration.


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    I’d love to see the following behaviour:

    “Normal” mute group: mutes the assigned channels and all its outputs except direct out

    “DCA” mute: same as if the DCA fader is pulled down, thus not effecting pre fade auxes (and of course respecting the options chosen in direct output settings)


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    I was thinking the following (if it is possible, it is just software, so it should be in my opinion):

    – Simplefied option: global Aux setting following LR channel mutes “On” or “Off” (DCA is only affecting LR channel volumes when Aux is set to Pre fader right?). With the option “On” when DCA mutes one or multiple LR channels, Aux output of that channels is also mute. Whith the option “Off” when a DCA mutes one or multiple channels, Aux output of that channels won’t mute.

    – Pro option: set this option per Aux. Add an extra option in the Aux Send settings (go to routing, select the Aux, tap the gear icon.). Besides the option to select channel source, assign and pre or post fade, you can add the option to set the behavior of LR channel mutes for that Aux.

    “Follow LR Channel Mutes”
    “Yes” – “No”

    When selecting “No”, if a LR channel is muted (by channel mute or DCA mute), audio is still send to the Aux and to the output of that bus. For IEMS this option seems to suit a lot of people. When using Auxes for different things, like a mix of IEMS and wedges (or name any purpose), you can select the mute behaviour for every Aux.

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