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    ^ Simple feature that would speed up my workflow during festival changeovers.

    I love using the red reset button on channels.. until i remember I now have to navigate through the menu to change the filter slope, then shift all my EQ pole positions up before getting started on tight soundchecks.
    I often wonder if I should manually reset FX so other (mostly constant) parameters don’t change.
    It would be really cool if I had an option to change the default values so I always have confidence to use the reset button without wasting time.


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    Set up the desk where it is set to default for your purpose. Save it as the “default” scene. When changeover, recall the “default” scene and ta da. Maybe you have to set recall safes for some parameters, but this would be the quickest way to “reset” the board.

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    Would also suggest to use the scenes Feature for that.

    I personally often have live Gigs with 2-5 acting Groups on stage. So I simply set up
    a small Collection of Scenes:

    – one Scene “Reset” – that’s always the first scene I load. All Channels muted, all Faders at Zero, all FX bypass. Kind of “Mute all”, but not exactly since I can easily draw up single faders to make single Signals audible which is a good basis for line Checks and such things.

    – one Scene “Moderation” – all muted except the speakers’ Microphone, route Speaker even to the farer stage monitors so anyone can hear what is said. EQ and (low) Reverb Settings for best-understandable Talking. Maybe also some stereo Player on St Input is not strictly muted here so background or fill-in Audio can be playbacked to Moderation if needed (I assign the level of that to one of the soft rotaries then). Also there could be more than one “Mod” Mic Channel
    and all of them assigned to the AMM so some small “stage discussion” or multi-Person-Moderation can be handled by this, too.

    – one Scene “Playback” – play some decent Background Music. Just one Line-In from some Playback device open to the front line, all Mics and other Inputs muted. To use when there is a longe Break on Stage. Playback Device can be the USB Stick (if there are “fitting” WAV-files on it), some MP3-Player or simply a Tablet or Smartphone. I have a Bluetooth Receiver attached to St0 for that but you can also attach the line inputs at the Mixer Desk to some player or assign any other Inputs.

    – one “Action” Scene for each acting Group. Of course, that could be one for each played Set, too. I setup these when doing the Sound Checks/Rehearsals if possible,
    based on Riders for the Group or reasonable Defaults.

    Then I assign the “Recall Scene x” Function for each of these Scenes to some Soft Buttons and “Store last” to another one. So when making changes at the Sound Check I simply press “Store last” to save changes to the Scene (don’t forget to switch to the right scene at begin of each sound check, of course).

    Later at the live Gig, I simply switch with a single Button between Pause, Moderation and the Action Groups. Of course, if a Group needs more than one Scene, it is possible to assign “next Scene” to a Soft Button, and bring the Scenes into the right Order, too. So in an ideal case, I do not have to touch any faders or settings live in the Gig at all – it’s even no Problem to handle that from the tablet App while acting on stage or sitting in the Audience away from the FoH desk.

    Each Scene includes much more than reasonable Defaults – it can change Routing, Gain, assigned FX, Monitor Mixes, Button Assignments and so on. Of Course, I also have a “Panic” Mute Group which mutes anything combined with a recall safe and an assignment to the same Soft button in any Scene.

    One Feature I am missing are LCD Strips on the Soft Buttos to give them descriptions. I solved that for me by a) making Button assignents as static as possible and b) printing nice Labels on magnetic Photo Paper Strips which can be cut with any scissors and easily be applied on the desk and Satagebox surfaces (which are made from steel so magnetic labels work fine there).

    Oh BTW, I would appreciate to have a possibility to “scribble” the Soft Buttons in the Tablet App so I can see their scene assignment even in the compacter view modes. But that is not really a Problem.

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