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    Is there a way to assign what is affected by muting a DCA? When we mute the DCA, it mutes the assigned channels in both the mains and in the aux mixes. We are used to a board that only muted to the house, so this is annoying to us when we want to mute those channels in the house but not in the IEM mixes.

    I.E. Often, when we have a speaker up, we will mute the DCAs for the band and VOX so that there’s no interplay in the house. The problem is, the band can’t hear anything in their IEMs when we do this on the Avantis.

    I may just be missing something in the routing, but we would like to be able to change this.

    Thanks, all.

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    this is not possible
    use the search,
    this was already discussed and workarounds suggested

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    The DCA mute actually mutes each channel. Think of it as a remote control for the mute button and fader. Try using matrices to send channels to each desired output, and then mute the desired matrix. For example, one matrix for mons & one for foh. You could also split/duplicate the channels as in a FOH/MON setup.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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