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    I would like to request that A&H find a way to allow multitrack recording direct to SSD via USB. Large capacity high speed SSDs have become quite inexpensive and it would allow users to record for significantly longer times. This feature exists on other digital platforms.

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    There are many function that “other digital platforms, including SQ, Avantis and DLive, have that CQ does not. Oh! What a surprise! A mixer costing less that £1k does not have most of the functions of those costing between 2 and 20 times the price!
    I’m sure some of the things we are all asking for will be included, but we are all, me included as I own CQ18T, SQ5 and AHM64, will have to accept that CQ was designed to have limited functionality compared to the more expensive ranges. If CQ does no suit, there is always Qu, admittedly only 48kHz, or Sq.

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    Sorry… Was that supposed to be a helpful response? Do you work for A&H?

    As I understand it, the purpose of this section of the forum is to allow users to identify features they’d like to see so that A&H can better understand what CQ users would like. That’s what I did. I have no interest in debating the merits of my suggestion. They asked, I answered.

    And just in the interest of clarity, I’ve been doing FOH work for close to 30 years and am experienced with a range of consoles in a range of settings. I’ve owned several A&H products, most recently my CQ20B. Digital mixer technology is changing rapidly and A&H surely has interest in maintaining its position as a leader in that market. Suggestions made in this section of the forum will hopefully provide them with ideas that will facilitate going forward.

    So, you have a pleasant day…

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    I get you, not that I intend to record to HD or even SSD. I have plugged in a 64Gb SD and hit all record tabs on the multi record page, It shows well over 6 hours tho I know with actual waveforms coming in that capacity changes just as it does with digital photography, as in a quiet or simple wave such as a kick uses less data that a complex keyboard track, but its all in wave file format and easy to transfer to daw, use as is or even single tracks to show the guitarist how bad it was😂😂😂. Im only a few days into beta testing my new CQ20B and loving it, its a good brand and actually in my budget for my planned needs as a keys player and gerneral band tech and sound guy too, the many hats small band keys players seem to wear. I knew its a budget range but there is a lot of advantages for me personally, not even considering the difference in size to the retired band last week where I have been squeezing on stage with a keyboard rig and the A&H 24GL desk, a beast which actually shows up in satellite view 🤣🤣🤣🤣. There is a few features Im interested in too so will be watching the emailed upgrades in anticipation witht his fairly new product and a new band in development too.

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    I also believe that recording direct to a SSD is a valid suggestion. My touchmix TM30 and 16 certainly do. It is unfortunate that for such a new feature rich release like the CQ series to not include this. Would be most helpful.

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