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    Just received my SQ-6 a few weeks ago and have been spending much time using videos on YT and the manual to learn as much as I can. Configured inputs, FX, create scenes, config soft keys, set up my routing configuring multitrack track recording for USB-B and SQ-drive.

    While playing around w/ SQ Drive I did a test multrack recording… lots of errors. But after some research it seems to be working better. Formatting my SANDISK 128GB ULTRA FIT USB 3.1 using Windows GUI version of fat32format ( seems to help.

    I did a simple multitrack recording to SQ Drive with no errors. Wet signal on 17 inputs. Just one source having sound… me just counting. It sounded clear and consistent GREAT!

    Now my question… when on the SQ Drive multitrack play/record screen I noticed weird behavior (when playing a recording back). I was wondering if I did something wrong or if it’s a weird thing going on.

    I have all my channels labeled and they show up normally on the SQ Drive screen when idle or recording. During playback the first 2 channel names change to USB L & USB R. When playback stops my labels reappear. These channels will pass sound if I put a signal through them. These are not a stereo mix. All works / sounds as I expect. Only the labels change during playback. Check out the attached pictures. Weird or did I screw the pooch?

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    KeithJ A&H


    From the reference guide

    When SQ-Drive is not being used, and during recording, the meters display the
    outputs from the SQ that have been patched to USB channels. During playback the
    meters instead show the incoming USB levels and are labelled with the highest
    numbered channel to which they have been patched.

    So what you’re seeing sounds like the intended behaviour.
    You can see both USB in and out meters at the same time in the ‘Meters > USB Meters’ screen too.

    Regarding the errors on your USB stick

    Not all USB devices are capable of the high bandwidth used by the SQ-Drive multitrack
    recording feature. For best results when multitrack recording direct to USB, use a high-
    speed external hard drive rather than a USB stick/’pen’ drive.

    So perhaps it’s working ok with fewer channels? The USB load meter will show how well the drive is performing, when it hits red, you are getting dropped samples and errors.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

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    Thanks so much for time and the insight. Very much enjoy/appreciate all the time you have put in w/ videos, Live Stream Sessions, etc… The ones w/ Andre Schaier were interesting.

    As its intended behavior its no biggie. AS long as the channels come through where I want them for sound check its all good. Strange it did it to the first 2 channels only not the others, but as you intimated it may be how I have things patched/labeled. I will have to look at my patching and experiment. Just a minor head scratcher… good for a rainy day distraction.

    The SanDisk Ultra worked like crap. Formatting using the FAT32 tool THEN formatting on the SQ made a SIGNIFICANT improvement. FAT32 took several hours for 128GB, SQ Drive much less (quick format?). So I can only guess when FAT32 formats all blocks it enhances data I/O on the Ultra.

    No issues after… I had 17 channels going into the SD Ultra and recording all of them (albeit with only one channel with signal). Before using the two stage formatting procedure it was a train wreck (load meter was in the RED… lots of errors), after it was great (load meter showed minimal load). I wonder if all 17 channels had a hot signal if it would put more of a demand/load on the SD Ultra… I have not used my SQ for a gig yet, so I’m sure time will tell.

    Yeah I may try a mini SSD to see if that does the trick, if the SD Ultra can’t keep up w/ a real performance. With recording to a SSD on SQ drive later I can simply port some songs to the Ultra for virtual sound checks of my own band and just leave the Ultra attached to back up shows and such. I also setup Tracks Live on a PC and it works top notch over USB-B.

    Would using a mini SSD draw too much current from the SQ drive USB port? I don’t want to damage it w/ an excessive load.

    Thanks for the help. I hope this post may be useful for other Cadets attempting to do the same.

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    KeithJ A&H


    No worries! 🙂 Glad it’s useful.
    BTW – Andre has some brilliant videos if you haven’t seen them yet –

    The default patching is Input Channel Direct Outs to USB (1-to-1) so if you set the sources for channels 1-32 to be USB, then the displayed names on that screen will be the same (because you’re sending from and returning to the same channels).
    However, due to the “labelled with the highest numbered channel to which they have been patched” rule, and the fact that stereo input channel 47/48 is source from USB 1&2 by default, it’s only the first two channel meters labelling you would see change when switching between record and playback status.

    Sorry if that seems confusing, but in short, nothing to worry about, you can set the input source for the stereo channel labelled ‘USB’ to ‘unassigned’ if you only want to use USB channels 1&2 for input channels 1&2.

    Regarding the USB stick, it’s certainly possible that some will work fine for multitrack rec/playback, so glad it’s working for you.
    Playback (read) and record (write) speeds are often different, so always good to run some long test recordings (as you are) with different numbers of tracks being recorded to save getting caught out on the show.
    The majority of USB sticks do not work well for multitrack recording, some have high write speeds, but these are not necessarily continuous, more like bursts. So we do recommend an external drive in a caddy and unless there is a crazy power draw for some reason, you’ll be fine!
    I know there are many people using the Samsung T5’s as well as the SanDisk extreme portable SSD’s with no issue and these are pretty standard options.


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    Yes Andre’s video series is fantastic. I viewed them all while seated @ my SQ to experiment simultaneously!

    I also recommend the work done over at St James Styvechale, Coventry. They developed a great set of videos as well- St James Styvechale SQ Video Series

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    Dave Meadowcroft

    I’m using a Samsung T7 1TB with zero issues.

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