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    This is one that I didn’t even realize was a limitation until recently but explains some issues we have been having. Why is it that the SQ will support up to 12 Aux Sends but only 8 people can access SQ4U at any point in time? We have a minimum of 9 mixes each week, sometimes up to 12 and people that can’t access their mix randomly. I thought we were just having issues with our network until I realized that there is an unnecessary limit of 8 people accessing the app.

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    The 8 connected device limit is a limitation of the system’s network stack.

    I can’t answer why the SQ network stack limits the number of connected users to such a small number as it is clearly too few for many situations. This is one of the biggest limitation of the SQ series IMHO, and unfortunately it is one that many users don’t even know about until after they have purchased it and it is too late to change.

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    I had bands refusing to use the console because of this limitation. I had to use an X32 instead, it was a sad day.

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    Though I believe this may be a hardware issue, which I don’t understand how. It’s quite a bummer.

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