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    Even though we get a lot of complaints from tours about limited characters on scribble strips the number one thing I hear is – more colours desired.
    Purple (we have pink, must be able to get purple)
    Brown (or Amber – Dark yellow)
    I know hardware dependant but white letters against Black as an extra choice.

    Coming from 2 different Avid houses to a venue with the SQ-6 I miss having screen, keyboard and mouse plus the extra functionality across the board.
    I realize for the price the SQ is fantastic and glad this venue didn’t end up with an M32 (trying to make it to retirement without using Behringer gear).

    Better ‘per user’ control, more cue controls and if I am making a wish list more assignable rotaries. I would give up 4 buttons to get 4 more rotaries.
    But extra colours is the number one request, maybe in next firmware update?

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    Yes! Please, please, please! That would be so handy! Even for my home setup, I found there weren’t enough colours!

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    Take a look at that X32/M32, though, and you’ll realise that its LCD scribble strips are streets ahead of the SQ’s dreadful ones – they’re legible, for a start, have a 12 character label limit, and can show much more info.

    It’s definitely an area where A&H went cheap, just like not having a RTC on board.

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    >> I … glad this venue didn’t end up with an M32 …
    > Take a look at that X32/M32 …

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