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    Just curious who uses mixing station with a QU mixer? I’m curious about the PC version. Is it worth the $20? I’m also a little confused how it connects. Can I just plug a network cable into my qu32 and set an IP address on the mixer and connect that way?

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    Mike C

    To do a direct PC to mixer connection you would need to set static IP addresses on both the mixer and the PC.
    Somthing like on the mixer and on the PC
    The first three octets is the network the last octet is the host/machine.
    The network need to be the same.

    You could try assigning a 169.245.XXX.XXX IP to the mixer and see if your PC will automatically see the mixer. XXX can be any number 1 to 255.

    To avoid possible network issues do no plug the mixer into a network system with those settings.

    Or plug the mixer into a router LAN port, plug the PC into another LAN port on the
    router with both the mixer and PC set to DHCP. The router will hand out IP address to
    the mixer and PC.

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    Yep it connects through a network cable. I am not sure if it auto detected it through the search function in the app, or if I had to set it first in my board, but it was pretty easy and straight forward I guess. It works flawlesly in my PC. To me it is quite useful. I find it easier to go to the menu’s, and it is flexible in setting it up to your own taste. That been said, I do not know your expectations for making it worth 20 bucks of course, but to me it definitely was and is. The only thing I find a pity is that I can not (maybe that’s me, lacking in my search capabilities and lazy to read manuals) call up the custom strip which I use for automation in my DAW. Not a big thing to me though as it represents itself of course also inside my mixer inside the sequencer program. Also naming the channels needs to be fit with some consideration to make it look neat.

    I use it for many things, some stuff just goes easier in the app than on the console itself. Like I said it’s much easier to go through the menu’s, colourcoding and renaming the channelstrips (visually on PC only of course), do the routing and set up the FX, the bigger meterbridge is also a great future for visualizing all signals on one screen. Now all that been said, I have to say I use multiple screens, so one screen contains the Mixing Station, which makes it very convenient to me. Anyway, not really knowing what features you are looking for, I just threw in a few options. I will add a few pics one of my layouts

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    Would you happen to have a link to your setup design in Mixing Station? Thanks.

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