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    I’m approaching my first gig with a brand spanking new Qu32, moving up from the 2400 series.

    I mix from stage, using a single full range speaker and the SUM out from the 2400. Other than the 1/4″ Alt out of the Qu32, I can’t figure out how to configure a single mono Aux output summing L+R and have an EQ (graphic or PEQ…either is fine), before the output stage.

    Is the Alt out my only option? I’m loathe to use it for a monitoring situation, when I do some shows that require a separate LR feed (like to tie into a house system), or even a delay stack on rare occasions, (although I don’t know if the Alt out has delay capabilities…still learning).

    I feel a little like a 16 year old moving from a bike to a car…you know how to steer but man all those other little things that you need to know to avoid a wreck!!!


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    You could use mix1-4 with all the channels\fx returns set to feed the mix post-fader at unity (effectively turning it into a subgroup, though this might be a problem if you’re already using groups in your FOH mix.) Of course this mix has its own peq and geq.

    The alt out sockets themselves doesn’t have it’s own delay. The line delays are applied as processing to the actual the mix/groups/LR/mtxs, then the mix/mtxs etc are assigned with their processing to the relevant physical outputs, (be they the XLR outs on the rear of the console, the alt-outs, or the outs on a AR.) When you do those shows that require the separate LR feed, could you use one of the 2x stereo mtxs and use the alt outs for monitoring?

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    I’d be looking to use a matrix in some way I think. I assume it’s possible to derive a mono mix from L+R (only had matrix for a week, so not played with it yet).

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    Why do you want a mono out – how many stereo sources do you have? It might already me mono – just take the left channel…

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