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    Would be nice for CQ18t screen and also MixPad.


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    Pardon? Please explain.

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    Just thinking it would be advantageous to have an option that would lock a screen on the CQ or ipad to prevent accidental changes, inadvertent touches, cleaning, drying if it gets moisture on the screen, etc… Not necessarily a password protected field, but just a button to tap (like a mute button – but global) that freezes all states and keeps everything operational in that state while locked. Tap it again and it unfreezes a lock and allows normal functionality and changes. This may not be a feature others see as desirable but thinking out loud as I work with my CQ18t and ipad. As a guitar player it is interesting with callouss on my finger tips how different quality touch screens respond. I also note if my fingers may be slightly moist, picking up a drink that sweats etc… I have to be mindful of my effort to mix/adjust on glass. Whether its a phone or something else… sometimes I want to clean the glass to create a smudge free surface to help keep things pure and clean. Hope this helps, just a thinking out loud as I chewed on this myself. Thanks! Hope that makes sense…

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    I think the ‘freeze track states’ would be useful on the main fader page for things like cleaning and preventing accidental changes to the mix.

    However, I think this can be taken a step further with a ‘Lock mixer’ function. This would be on the main page and would require a password to unlock. Before locking, the user can be asked if they want the mix to be muted or remain as it is.

    I really like your idea of freeing track states without muting them, I hope they implement it in an update.


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