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    Hi, new to the forum, got a question if the following is doable on my qu16:

    – Can I assign, for example a reverb, to FX1 and then do the following:
    1. Add that reverb to our band’s: kick, snare, vocal and keyboards (5 inputs total)
    2. Not have reverb in other inputs
    3. Be able to hear the given FX1/reverb in our in-ear monitoring through, say, mixes 1 to 4?
    4. Be able to do the same with a few other inputs using Fx2, etc…

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    Hi Dado

    All doable and very easy! In turn…

    1. Yes. Press the FX1 button, raise the master level of the reverb and then raise the faders on the inputs you need the reverb on.
    2. Yes. Keep all the other input faders at the bottom (the infinity symbol)
    3. Yes. Press the mix you want. Then go to the top layer of the faders by pressing the top layer button on the left hand side (above the faders). Bring up the FX1 return.
    4. Follow above again. Works exactly the same way but replace FX1 with FX2 etc.

    Note on the QU16 there are only 2 dedicated sends for FX, but you can have all 4 FX units running – you simply need to go to FX3 (for example), press the Back Panel button and assign that FX module to a mix (usually 7-8 or 9-10 as they are stereo). Then the mix 7-8 and/or the 9-10 buttons and master fader act just as they do for FX1 and FX2.

    Incidentally, I like to use a gated reverb on my snares (about 25% wet is enough) and dedicate it to an input (usually 2 on my QU16 or QUPac as Kick is on 1). This makes sense as it’s only really the snare I’d ever use this on so avoids me accidentally doing something to any other channel (easily done!)>

    Hope this helps.


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    Yes, absolutely. (Though Roy evidently types quicker than me!)

    1. – Set FX1 one to be the reverb you require & adjust settings as needed once you can hear it.
    Check on upper layer that FX1 return is on & up in the main Mix.
    While on the lower layer (input channel strips) Press blue FX1 button then push up faders for kick, snare, vocal and keyboards as far as needed to get the amount of effect you want.

    2. – If you don’t want reverb on something, then keep its fader down while the FX1 button is selected!

    3. – Press the upper layer button – here you’ll find FX1 return – already sending to main mix.
    Press monitor Mix 1 button on right then push fader up to get required reverb level in Mix 1.
    Press monitor Mix 2 button…….. etc

    4. – Repeat all of the above for FX2.

    Are 2 effects enough to use in this way?

    FX 3 & 4 need to be patched differently on a Qu-16 to do this, as there is no FX send bus 3 or 4. To avoid complication, I’ll not explain how to overcome this for now, but shout if you need to know. FX 3 & 4 are pretty easy to use as an FX for one channel only though – lead vocal?

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    Mark, my wife says I’m quicker at a lot of things!

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