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    Hello guys, my name is Bonnie Gichuru.

    I work as an Audio-Visual Technician in our Presbyterian Church and we use the QU-32 for our church services, I am requesting to get learning materials from you guys or virtual classes / assistance in order to better understand and utilize the QU-32 mixer.

    I feel I have a lot of potential in me to learn in order to give a better & more pleasing sound experience to the congregation. I am open to learn from you guys so that I can be able to give back to the community by producing quality sound and teach others as well.


    Bonnie Gichuru

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    Rafael A&H

    Hello @Bonnie,

    It’s great to have you on board, we certainly appreciate your enthusiasm to learn how to operate the Qu.
    I would strongly suggest starting by going with detail on the user guide, as it contains a lot of important information reinforced with visual images for references: https://www.allen-heath.com/media/Qu-Mixer-Reference-Guide-AP9372_10.pdf

    We also have a full playlist of quick videos for Qu on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLq3_zC_Xz0PjdM-aethdufOFUMhQgNBpo
    We have a Help Centre, which contains multiple articles regarding different topics around the Qu: https://support.allen-heath.com/hc/en-gb/categories/360003881498-Qu
    You may also find on A&H’s Facebook page, recordings from Live Streaming and Q&A sessions done by the one and only Keith: https://www.facebook.com/AllenHeathofficial/videos

    I hope this helps you,

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    Mike C

    Your church is lucky to have someone who wants to take it upon themselves to learn the equipment even further and increase the quality of the service!!!
    Good job!

    Are there any local production companies you could work with to get more experience in live sound production?

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    The challenge with here is that most people I have approached see you as a threat especially when you try to learn from them/know what they know, they’re are always in competition of being the only ones with the skills or will tell you they are too busy for that kind of coaching or mentorship.

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    Polish Prince

    There’s great stuff on YouTube already for free. And I found it worthwhile to purchase the paid course by Pro Audio Exp here – https://proaudioexp.com/products/allen-and-heath-qu-series-video-tutorial-qu-16-qu-24-qu-32-qu-sb-qu-pac

    He’s not doing much more than going through the most basic and important parts of the manual that you can read yourself. However, for me at least, I find it easier to learn by watching a demonstration of someone else doing what’s already in the manual. I had zero experience in digital mixing before I purchased the QU-16, so this course was valuable to me. Other more experienced users wouldn’t give it a second look.

    Good luck in your learning. I’m sure you’ll do fine. I’ve had my QU for almost a year now, and have a pretty good grasp on it now. I have found out though, that it’s overkill (too powerful) for what I need in my home studio. I’m sure you’ll utilize the board to its fullest potential in a Church venue. It should be great for you.

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