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    I love what you guys are doing, but a few additional daw related features would be great.

    -Name and Color Midi Channels.
    -Have dedicated eq/comp/preamp knobs fire midi as well, so they can be mapped for use when being used as a daw controller
    -Have mix and layer buttons fire midi as well
    -Have sel and pafl fire midi, even when not a midi channel (similar to what you’ve done with mute and fader level on non midi channels)
    -I mean the more midi the merrier, copy/paste/reset/prefade/faderflip

    This would be great guys, even if I had to buy an additional midi extension or something thought the sq extensions it would be sooo worth it to be able to use this as a full fledged midi controller.

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    – all functions with feedback / get status

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    Yeah it would be especially nice to be able to save scenes.

    And get status

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    It would be grate if the rotary knobs ( preamp,hpf,gate,comp,width,freq, eqgain and pan could send,receive midi signals ).this would mean that if we open a plugin in a daw, the plugin can be controlled by a rotary knob. In cubase I would simply make a “generic remote” and assign manually.

    I already tried this and lots of things sends/receives midi .. but not the rotary knobs. Or I’m using the wrong tools :à)

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    midi scene control seems to be a little rudimentary when it comes to scenenes at least according to the MIDI Guide.

    Change local and global Scene Filters and Scene Safes seem to miss, to. And there is no management of scenes (rename, store, delete, copy paste scene).

    SQ Mixpad can do these things so there must be a way to do it remote. Maybe there are already some MIDI Commands just missing in the MIDI Reference or it would be possible to provide that with an upgrade of the Network MIDI Driver?

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    +1 for being able to manually label and color midi faders. I personally really need this. Console tape isn’t working out for me on SQ. I’m not looking for DAW control, just to clairfy..

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    hi Michael, not sure what your setup is. I found that regular process channels fire midi, so I’m using them as burner channels and using them to control midi as they can be named and colored. It’s a bit hacky but it’s working for me until they implement this.

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    Select, Mixselect and PAFL really should fire midi commands!
    Get status would be nice for this.

    There are a lot of TCP messages send already when connected to Mixpad, so adding a Midi command over TCP should not be too difficult, I guess.

    Thanks in advance A&H!

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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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