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    We have a brand new iLive T112 & iDR-64 system. LOVE IT. Last weekend we noticed a distinctive hiss on one of the inputs. At first we thought it was the mic or a cable. We disconnected the cable from the floor pocket and the hiss did not go away. So, we disconnected the cable from port A4 and to our surprise, the hiss continued. We continued testing each of the iDR-64 inputs and discovered that A4 was not the only input that had a hiss. Inputs A4, A5 & A6 all have a hiss. Even when nothing is connected to the input(s) at all. We even tried moving the input to different IP positions within the mixrack, but it did not make a difference. The pad is not enabled on the channel and the gain set low.

    What else can we troubleshoot before opening a ticket with Allen & Heath for a warranty repair?


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    Are you hearing the hiss in the mains? Aux sends?
    Does it continue when the channel is muted?
    Gate control?
    Any insert assigned?
    Digital trim level?

    When you pafl the channel, can you determine where the hiss starts in the chain?
    With the channel selected, as you select the individual ‘sel’ buttons (ie, pre-amp, gate, eq, compressor) for the different areas, if you hold the ‘sel’ button you can listen at that point in the audio chain.

    Are all the affected channels on the same input card? possible defective card.

    Our setup is with an IDR-48, and we can have an occasional hiss, and more often than not it’s when a channel is padded with high gain.

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    Thanks for the ideas.

    It does not continue when the channel is muted. I will check the gate and inserts (we did not mess with those, but I’ll double check them).

    I’ll test your idea of using PAFL up the processing chain to see if I can narrow it down. I’ll also test the AUX path.


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    Just a quick followup. It was determined that we did in fact have a hardware failure on 3 inputs. Its a little disappointing on a device we have had just a little over 2 weeks.

    Thanks for the feedback.

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    I have two iLive systems within my campus, an older T80 with an iDR48 which is rock solid and has never given us an issue.
    We also have a newer iLive T112 and iDR64 which has progressively accumulated noisy channels until we had 16 faulty and sent it off for warranty repair. It came back all good but, with the warranty about to run out, after about a year we notice two channels are noisy again.
    The problem seems to be associated with using Phantom Power on those channels.
    We are concerned that this may be a design fault and may continue to manifest long after the warranty has expired (at presumably substantial cost to us to rectify). It is interesting that the older iDR48 has never given us this problem … did the pre-amp design get changed at some point? Is there a permanent mod/fix?

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