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    First of all thank you for the great firmware update. It’s awesome. Would be great, if the HPF Display would disappear after like 3 or 4 seconds by itself and return to the EQ Display…

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    I was kind of expecting this behaviour. Surprised me that it didn’t take me back to the EQ page.

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi guys,

    I presume you are both referring to the behaviour with ‘Processing Screens Follow Surface’ mode ON.
    The input HPF is not part of the PEQ, and so strictly speaking, this is similar to having the display jump back to PEQ after you have made a change to the gate.

    However, we have continued to display and allow (touch and drag) control of the HPF in the PEQ screen, plus this is where the RTA can be seen now, so this is definitely a reasonable suggestion.

    We definitely wouldn’t want to implement pop-ups or delays for this (you might be about to change something and suddenly the screen changes back!) so some possible solutions might be:
    – Leave it as it is : it is still possible to adjust the HPF by touching and dragging if you are in the PEQ screen looking at the RTA or adjusting EQ and factoring HPF into this
    – Always ‘jump’ to the PEQ screen when adjusting the HPF : though if you then adjusted the HPF in the HPF screen, it would jump to the PEQ screen so…
    – Jump to the PEQ screen unless you are viewing the HPF screen

    Please let us know your thoughts, as if enough people are finding this does not work in the most logical way, we can look to make a change here.


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    Considering HPF has a dedicated knob, touch and turn isn’t a huge deal.

    Adjusting HPF should just jump to PEQ page as you can see the needed info there anyway.

    If someone needs to access the HPF screen, they can tap on it.

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    @keith: option 3 makes the most sense to me personally.

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    Agreed. Jump to PEQ screen unless currently on HPF screen.

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