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    New DLive user. My church has lots of shows saved – Christmas productions, special events, and a show per month (we/they use shows as a way to keep a backup of a known good state).

    How do you know which show is active? The active scene has a marker, but there seems to be no way to know which show is loaded.

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    There is no active show.
    You can save a show at any time. A show is a given state, not more.
    But if you change one parameter or setting, it is already not the same as the saved show.

    There is a last show recalled available. But this gets reset after a power cycle.
    Since the power cycle is recalling the last state of the system, this can differ from the last show recalled in all or no parameters.

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    Thanks. That helps me conceptualize shows. So you don’t really have any idea which “state” the current state started from. The setup “is” and the current state can be snapshotted as a show.

    It still seems like it’d be useful to know that the current state started from this other state (show). Which is the “last recalled”. I’ll have to go find that.

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    I haven’t recalled a show in a while, so I can’t scroll back far enough to confirm, but I bet it shows in the history logs, just like the scene recalls do… Util/Shows – Utility

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    If you press the home key it shows you the last show that was loaded. It’s often meaningless because it doesn’t say when and you could have made a thousand changes since it was loaded. And there is no information about the show in the utility dialogue.

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