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    I may be doing something wrong but I was unable to control the HPF from the PEQ page on the app. Whilst on the processing tab I had to switch back to (what I’m calling) the gain page to make adjustments to the high pass.

    Might be a cool feature to have control of the HPF on the PEQ page too.

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    I was initially thinking that too, but I think the reason they did it the way they did is sort of for “old school” reasons. On analog boards, very often there is a HPF button right by the gain knob. So I guess they thought people would expect to find it there and not by the EQ section of the board…even though an HPF is really more of an EQ thing than a gain thing. I guess it makes more sense too in that that HPF takes affect earlier in the stage of the channel strip than in the EQ section. In other words, if you were to tap off post gain but pre EQ, that LPF would be in affect. Not sure if they implemented it that way in CQ digital world or not…but probably.

    But there is no reason a software button couldn’t be in both places for sure. That is a fairly simple software implementation. I would back that request up for sure!

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    This was a limitation that slowed me down when sorting out the EQ on some lav mics. The HPF was set quite high and I needed to manage the interaction between it and the parametric EQ. It would be useful to be able to control the HPF on the EQ screen or (second best) have a shortcut to the page with the HPF.

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    100% agree Chris, more useful along with the peq imho.

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    It is annoying to have the HPF knob on a different page than the PEQ page. Takes time to change the parameter when shaping the EQ.

    On GLD you have HPF on both positions (pre-amp page and PEQ page).
    dLive has a Filter page (LPF and HPF) and also on the PEQ page.

    It does not have to be on 2 places, please move it to PEQ. Everybody will be happy.

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    and it would also be helpful, if the highpass would be visible in the overview graphic on the processing page.

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    Juha Hartikainen


    I think HPF is already visible on PEQ page graph, but you just cant adjust it there.

    There seems to be possibility to record before/after HPF, so maybe it is different “circuit” than EQ. Still it would be nice if it could be adjusted from same page.

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    This is my #1 requested item. HPF should always be on the EQ page too.

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    +1 for this

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    To me there’s a difference between preamp HPF and EQ HPF. Recording vs playback.
    I’m more confused by the fact that the preamp HPF setting is visible in EQ section.

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    The reason it is not there is that it belongs to the (virtual) preamp.
    They (A&H developers) did the same thing on the other consoles in the first place, but copied the control to the EQ page in a later software version.

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    I think HPF is already visible on PEQ page graph, but you just cant adjust it there.

    Actually, you can adjust it from the PEQ page: Just drag the little green box to the left or right to adjust the HPF.

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