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    Good evening, everyone!

    Please don’t throw rotten tomatoes if I say something wrong, but I’m a keyboard player.

    I have ilive T112 + idr48, the latest firmware is 1.94. drum machine, bass, solo, rhythm, keys, 4 shure slx/4 glxd. Configuration is LRSub, portals are jbl prx 2×600W + 2×500W subs with cross plugs. Prx shooters and alto monitors:-(/or passive fender…

    I ask for your advice on the following issues:

    1. The idea is (and it used to be) that the rack and console should work on the same cable over the ACE interface. But lately, with 1.8xx firmware, it works with 2 cables ACE and internet (if using ACE alone, it says “connection lost”, if using INTERNET, then only idr48 connectors work, if ACE also, then console connectors are enabled). Addresses reset and double-checked EVERYWHERE, what can it be?

    2. Tried to use effects – “plates”, “hall480” and linked “2 type delay”, but something my TC HELICON PLAY GTX, and FX “plates” from MACKIE + ALESYS MIDI VERB 4 sound with vocals better than processing in ilive (although like the reviews cool processing). What effects do you use for vocals?

    Best Regards, Specialist.

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    1. You have an IP address conflict. Also the ilive T112 doesn’t like it when you put cat5 cables into the network and route it everywhere like ‘the internet’ (although I’m not clear on what you mean by that). With all A & H gear the ‘KISS’ principle is best. Follow the signal flow and there should be no issues. That said, it’s likely that the idr48 is seeing a conflict of where you’ve connected the network cables. Basically, start again. Unplug all network and ACE cabling and eliminate which one is giving you the trouble. Also I’d say it sounds like you have a sh!t ACE cable. Get a different Cat6 cable and compare the results.
    Widen the range of ip address between the two so they don’t conflict with each other.

    2. Plate vox for most situations, especially indoors. For large arena or wide open spaces you may need to use less tight and more wet fx like large hall etc. But it’s very much a personal preference thing.

    Good luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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