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    Got a small band that livestreams. Bass guitar is straight in – player has no effects on the guitar, just a DI box splitting between his small amp on stage and QU-24.
    I think it sounds pretty good / ok on the headphones, my studio monitors, etc.
    However, the bass is AWOL on tablets/laptops.
    I get it – a 1″ speaker can’t do bass.
    But it can do the harmonics.
    Some research tells me I should add harmonics and EQ the mids higher on the return to help bring the bass line out on small speakers.
    But how to do that with the limited FX library on the QU-24? There’s no overdrive/fuzz effects. Just chorus, flange and reverb – or am I missing / misunderstanding something (probably!)

    I’d love some suggestions.


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    Proper EQ and compression should help the bass guitar be audible on small speakers. Do a multi-track recording of one of your sessions, so that you can play around with the settings. Also have a small set of computer speakers handy for test monitoring (preferably a set without a sub-woofer), as they can be helpful for knowing what your mix sound like on smaller speakers.

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    You absolutely can use a chorus, flanger, or phaser on a bass. Try it!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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