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    PEQ libraries and factory channel settings. I have always used the PEQ libraries to start and adjust from there. What are the channel settings for? and what is a preamp setting for? can I use both ? should I be using the channel libraries for live applications with the preamp activated. I looked at block drawing trying to understand the preamp part VS using the PEQ. Any help would be appreciate only had the board for 4years and still learning as I go, LOL. Only use for live performance applications for a Rock cover band. User manual lmk what things were but not the reason. Links, explanations, scaldings all welcome.

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    Look at stored channel settings. For instance once you’ve dialed in guitar one of the band you could store that setting and use it as a template for dialing guitar two. Using the preamp option or not is personal preference together with an educated guess about the similarities between those 2 guitars regarding used volume etc. I never use it.

    In your usercase you don’t need much of this as you have all the time to dial in the particulars of that one band the mixer is used for. Store the scene and you’re good to go next time around.

    The most important thing is to learn/remember how to dial in any given source in the ballpark and go from there. One shouldn’t need the library except for f.i. customized fx-settings (that you can store).

    Good luck !


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    I store my own sometimes. For example, if I use the same mic (a Sennhesier e906 for example) on the same guitar amp for a particular guitarist, with the same EQ and gain settings, it’s worth storing the channel as a user preset. You may need to adjust EQ for the room, but the presets are only ever a starting point anyway. It does save a little time, especially if you have no time to set up a gig beforehand.

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