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    PLEASE! I have an iPad only for GLD-Remote and i realy hate it. It is far away from rock solid. Does not integrate in a PC environment and does not run realy. Last week it switched to “maintanace mode” from one moment to another while running GLD-Remote. Recovering wasn’t possible on several PCs at several USB-Ports. A friend connected it to his apple pc and that helped. But what, if that happens on a gig?!?

    That is not a problem of GLD-Remote. It is a problem of apples bad pc integration, that they don’t want to support to much.

    I understand that it is much work since you have to program android in Java and IPad in ObjectiveC. But if you make the GLD-Remote open source you may get help from the Linux/Android community.

    Worth a try?

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    Fact is there’s a freelance programmer who’s made a good android app for the Qu-16 on his own for free! I’ve downloaded it but not tried it yet – people say it works well but isn’t as comprehensive as the official ipad app. So it can’t be that hard! When it comes to apps I wouldn’t mind paying a few £’s to buy an app if it did what I wanted. Allen & heath seem to be lagging behind in this area whereas all the other big brands are streets ahead! Shame really as A&H make some great mixers.

    Unfortunately he has no intention of making a GLD or iLive app.

    From your description though it sounds like you need to get a new iPad!

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    Android tabs are half the price of an iPad, so for us to go out and buy an iPad for this purpose would be crazy. If only there was Remote for Android…..

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    That will be helpfull to have gld remote on android tabs

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    Yes! It is very difficult to lead a band on stage and have to run to the soundbooth every time the mix on stage needs to be tweaked. I also cannot afford an iPad so it would be beneficial to many GLD Android users if the remote app can come to Android.

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    At least GLD-oneMix, please

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    +1 for Android App.

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