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    how could i set up the gld ipad app as a montor controller where it can only contro the aux send masters contrebutions and geq

    the way it is set up in normal is can control everthint. i want to hid the intput channels so its just a montor console. how could i do so

    the gld mix one. you can only do one aux at a time

    hope ypu can help me find a solution

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    Great idea 😐

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    A&H has two different apps for the GLD. one gives full control, the other is called One Mix and does just what it’s name suggests. It allows control of one Aux Mix.

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    If you are only going to have one ipad “monitor desk”, just set up two custom layers with what you want them to have access to and tell ’em not to touch channel processing.

    Or have them log in on the app as something other than admin, although I do not know exactly what parameters can be locked out as I haven’t had the need to that (yet!).

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    6-8 layers for a 6-8 way monitor mix would work
    Solely for monitor and stage engineer.

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