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    Hey folks! I’m not sure how practical this is to actually implement, but in addition to Embedded recall on additional networked consoles: It would be *amazing* to be able to gang certain faders on multiple units.

    Case in point: I have a show this weekend where I am mixing FOH and a live online broadcast simultaneously. The shows are such that a sub-mix from the FOH console is automatically sub-par because of my lack of resources, (buss processing, in particular, gets canned without complicated workarounds that don’t *really* do it well.) Also gain-staging is a bit different and I have to spit stems out differently, so it’s just easier on all fronts to have the broadcast mix come from broadcast desk.

    Thus – I’m going to mix FOH and have embedded recall control the broadcast desk for *Most* of the things. There are a few faders, however, that I really need manual fades in order to sound right. Host, pre/post show music, audience DCA, and media.

    My current workaround: I’m using Osculator + TCP Midi driver to link both desks. I have manually mapped my desired faders via Osculator so that any move on either desk will be reflected on the other desk. Yes, it’s terribly silly. …but it works surprisingly well!

    So, uh, as cool as it is to use the TCP midi to gang faders on multiple desks, it would be *way* cooler to be able to do this natively on the dLive without needing the external hardware!

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    waste of ressources… we need real improvments not things one person is using once a year


    I would respectfully disagree. My workaround (using tcp midi) actually made me realize how many things I could use this for, and I could see a many number of situations where this would be terribly useful as a native feature. Appreciate the cynical response though. That is super helpful.

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