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    I don’t know, if this would be a feature request or a “Bug”. But I have seen this same happen in my old QU as-well.

    For an Effects Channel, let’s say “FX1”. When I go into “Layers Screen” . I see options for FX1-Send & FX1-Return.

    Now if my understanding is correct for “FX1” , the “Send” Fader should have a “Value”. But the “Return” Fader should be all the way “down”.
    I have seen this happen on my QU, where we see FX1-Send & FX-Return for a “FX” channel both Up. Creating a feed-back.

    If my understanding is incorrect, please ignore my question.

    But if I am correct, can we have it as “Feature” where the mixer software does not “Allow” this setting or have “Warning” displayed on the Main screen indicating this condition.


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    For Starters both faders should be 0db.

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    Mike C

    Yes if on an FX return has the send level turned for that FX it will creat
    a feedback loop.
    By default the FX sends for it’s own FX return are turned off/un assigned.
    You can for instance send a reverb return into a delay by bring up the delay FX send on the reverb FX return channel.

    By default on my mixers reset scene I have all the FX sends un assigned on all the FX return channels.

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    A&H delays can’t do full regeneration on their own. The only way to get 100% or more as an effect is to send the delay to itself.

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