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    Hi Everyone. Still trying to learn the QU24 board a little better.
    I’m currently working with the FX options and trying to figure out how to have the FX only affect a few select channels (i.e. the vocals and not the instruments).
    I’ve read teh reference document and Manual, as well as watched all the videos. I believe I’m doing what they say to do.
    So the mix of concern (streaming) is Mix7-8 that I need to add some reverb / delay to, and the vocals are on channels 10-12, and I have a digital piano on channel 5 and 6, I’d like the effects to be applied only on channels 10-12.
    What I’ve done so far is the following:
    I have a reverb setup on FX1, and a delay set up on FX2.
    Both are set for Mix>Return and the Input set to Mix 7-8.

    I select the FX1 button on the lower side of the board, near the mixes.
    I then raise the fader strips on channels 10-12, and the master fader, all to unity, all others are at min.
    I then hit the top layer (with the FX sends / returns, etc.), and also select Mix7-8.
    I then raise the FX1 Return fader to increase the amount of FX to be applied.
    When I go back to the Channel select lower layer and start to raise the faders, I hear the FX on ALL channels in MIX 7-8
    What am I doing wrong? I thought that by only ‘sending’ from the select channels to FX1, they would be the only channels to have the FX applied.

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    So the mix of concern (streaming) is Mix7-8 that I need to add some reverb / delay to,

    If you add reverb to mix78 you get it on all of mix78.

    I would ever ever add reverb to any mix going to livestream. But then I would never add reverb to a live situation either.
    But that is just me.

    If you only want reverb on the singers and their channels going to livestream then try these links

    Qu-32 – Need Step by step instructions for adding reverb to 1-2 channels

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