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    Dear A&H Team,
    I´m supporting volontarily 3x SQ5, 1x SQ6, awaiting Avantis in May and having
    ~20 ME-1 plus different MixPads and SQ4You in different installations.
    Updating drives the need of planning.
    Extremely helpful would be an Update forecast:

    Release planned latest comment
    Version 1.5 1.3.2020 1.4.2020 feature release
    Version 1.5.1 1.5.2020 maintenance release
    Version 1.5.5 1.7.2020 mandatory maintenance release
    Version 1.6 <not this year>

    Everybody knows, releases can´t be planned with full adherence to delivery dates,
    but an indication would be helpful.

    THANK´S for the great products!


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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Thomas,

    Glad to hear you love the products, and it sounds like you’re a passionate engineer if you’re heading out to support all these systems voluntarily!

    I’m afraid we never give ETA’s on any release though. Nor do we give any details or confirmation of features that will be contained in them.
    This is because both are completely dependent on the test/development cycle, which can take months, and if a serious problem were found at the last minute, the whole process could start again or a feature might be completely removed.
    We also like to release firmware as soon as it is ready (often within 24hrs of passing test) to get it to users as soon as possible.

    So although we cannot provide a forcast of updates as you have requested here, I would be interested to know more about your comment ‘updating drives the need of planning’, in case you are having an issue that we might be able to address some other way, or can help with somehow.
    Are you having to visit the consoles to keep them up-to-date?
    Are you the only admin?
    Are the MixPad SQ4You apps being allowed to auto-update which would make the console update necessary?


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    Hi Keith,
    planning in my environment consists of several layers:
    1. technical updates on the devices (consoles, tablet pc´s, sometimes smartphones)
    2. estimating training needs for new features, bug fixes …
    3. testing (unit test and integration test)

    Planning for 1. requires scheduling the update so that in ALL locations all devices run the
    same/compatible firmware. One major objective is, being able to “backup” one location with e.g. a console
    from another in case of problems (we never had so far!!!).
    Planning for 2. answers the question, whether the update requires training for the users (FOH, musicians, etc.)
    Sometimes the release notes are Ok for that purpose in some cases not (e.g. ganging).
    Planning for 3. in the first line is, testing the update on one device. The integration test is more complex,
    because all associated functions must be tested: recording, hearing aid systems, video sound, etc.

    All this must be scheduled, communicated and put in execution.
    To your dedicated questions:
    1. Yes, we have visit the consoles.
    2. Two Admins, but always one is selected to run an update.
    3. No, I foresee the update and ensure all devices are touched.

    The lead time for the 1.4 update was ~6 weeks.

    Did this enlighten the comment on planning?

    :-)) sunny week

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hi Thomas,

    Yes, it definitely helps to understand your planning, and shows how well organised you are (one of the main things is ensuring compatibility with the apps, but you have that covered too!).
    As you have raised no issues that we can help with, and because we do not provide lead times or ETA’s on releases, I can only recommend that you wait until an update has been announced and released before planning the unit updates. This is also the only way you would have all the information required to inform your decisions on whether training and/or testing is deemed necessary.

    Thanks! (and it IS sunny 🙂 hope you have the same)

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