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    Hey guys, maybe I am missing something here, but I have timers on my scenes so that they crossfade. The faders do not represent the changes, only the indicators on the scene page. Is this something not setup or something that needs to be added as a feature request. I know the SD series works this way.

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    You aren’t missing anything. IT’s weird. The faders snap immediately but the fades should be actually happening. Sadly the faders just don’t show it.

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    That was a design decision made to help the life of the faders.
    I’m not saying requesting the feature will be fruitless but just be aware it’s been discussed before and it’s not an oversight rather a conscious decision by the design team.

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    Its a design limitation of the Dlive not having touch sensitive faders. The decision for the faders to jump to the end fade position is not so much about fader life but about giving the engineer the ability to “grab” a fader at any time during the timed fade and get control of it instantly. It the faders were to move with the fade time there will be no way for the console to know you have grabbed it and it will keep firing move commands at it until the fade has completed. Because of this limitation I don’t think we will ever see the faders crossfade on Dlive. I’d like to be wrong tho!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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