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    Would really like to see the flexibility of the dSnake and QU series mixers operate similar to the ‘Beh’ manufacturer products to be able to create a FOH/MON setup with a single dSnake. This feature almost kept me from going with AH.

    Also, obviously DANTE would be a HUGE plus for the this product range for those who may not be able to afford a GLD series yet.

    Thanks for great products #nonetheless


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    What do you want the Monitor desk to be able to do differently?

    I use an android controller with a BCF2k (8fader midi surface) to remote control the QU. It’s effectively a monitor console )0(although it doesn’t allow me to eq the monitors differently (none of the bands I mix for are primadonna-ish to mind)

    It might be nice, but by the time you have a second full time engineer – your going to be hiring a GLD setup…

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    I’m doing remote monitors from an iPad. Works great and 100% independant from the FOH mix.
    And Dante integration can be realized through a USB connected PC/MAC. Qu wouldn’t be in that price range if it offers same features like the “larger” desks.

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    You both have valid points. yes, using ipad to handle monitors works but some prefer tactile. Totally understand features of the larger desks, but surprised at a couple routing trade offs…really only expansion card related. Though having individual patch ability vs banks of 8 is SOOO worth it! DANTE/AVB should really be integrated at the snake level at least. Others in same price point have it with comparable pres…imho. Will try the Mac/PC/Dante approach as well.

    Glad to bounce ideas around…it can only get better 🙂 cheers all

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    I have physical faders…
    Raspberry Pi – $35
    BCF2k – $100-150
    Android Mixing Station Pro – <$5

    I have 8 faders, 8 rotary (times two layers) plus 16 buttons – all with another virtual layer available.
    Additionally any virtual layers I choose to define in Mixing Station.

    There s no reason I couldn’t add another fader bank – or even several more – though the solution would start to get bulky…

    Additionally QuYou for people with IEMs makes a huge difference.

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    A different desk allows you to eq differently, as well as not have to ever worry that what you change there, is altering the main mix.

    Back when I used to do a lot of monitor board work, I’d usually find the the eq and gate settings that work best on stage would be vastly different to the FOH.

    For instance, a band generally need kick drum for timing, so having it very top heavy for the “click” part, with only a little base end, and sometimes heavily gated so the tail drops off, often works well on stage, but is not how you want it out front.

    Still, while dSnake dosn’t link to two desks, the dedicated iPad does the job, & I’ve no need to go and buy another QU 😉

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