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    so i’m looking at getting two or three 16×8 stageboxes for my church’s sq7. we are using the console for FOH and multitrack recording. are there any tangible differences in sonic quality or durability between the AB168 and the dx168 boxes? (also if we can keep this from becoming a 96 v 48 k flamewar i’d be thankful.)

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    KeithJ A&H

    Hey @boota,

    A few things to consider, and putting aside the 48vs96 debate as requested:

    Regarding the build – the AB168 and DX168 use the same metalwork 🙂
    The DX168 uses dLive preamps – the analogue circuitry and conversion is of a higher level than the GLD/Qu AB168.
    You mention maybe 3 stageboxes. If using AB168’s this would be possible with the addition of an SLink option card and an extra Cat5e run. With DX168’s you would add a DX Hub at the stage end to achieve this.
    If you don’t need drops and plan to have all I/O in the same place, you could also check out the GX4816, this has the same technology as the DX168’s but in a 48×16 single 5U box.

    This document may be useful – (https://www.allen-heath.com/media/SLinkConnections_V1_4_0.pdf)

    I will let others chime in about their experiences on tangible differences in sonic quality.


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    Thanks, so are the dx stageboxes incompatible with the option card or is it impossible to run the dx boxes on both the slink port and the slink option card at the same time?

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    See the document Keith linked to. Only two AB168s can be on a single SLink port, so for three you’d need an option card and a second cable run. DX168s *can* go on both, but he’s saying that’s not necessary: just need a DX hub on stage, so one run from the SQ to the stage instead of two.

    That linked document shows all the (many) possible stage box configurations.

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