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    i haven’t found anything on the first 7 pages of topics..
    it would be great to see the actual dB value of a fader when i move it, on the channel naming display. it helps to calm the monk in me when all should be on unity or someone asks to lift something by 2dB.
    actually the feature is already there on the rotaries on the SQ6, it would be so cool to have it on the channel faders (or the option).
    thank you.

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    Just a Hint: pushing faders a little while holding “reset” key will exactly move them to unity / -infinity (depending on pushing direction). That’s a very handy feature, just try it. Maybe this reduces your need for a display value a little bit.

    Of Course, you can also get (and enter) the actual Fader dB Values on the touchscreen or with the SQ Mixpad App.

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    thx for the workaround-tips, especially the reset key will probably come in handy.
    since the mixapp, as you write, also shows dB values on faders, it just… you know… would be very nice and not a big deal to include this options for the naming strips on the board itself.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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