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    Current Soundcraft Ui16 user and want to upgrade to a more ‘pro’ mixer. Currently trying to compare the CQ20B and the Mackie Dl16S. Hard to see many major differences, except perhaps the Mackie master fader app seems a little easier to use. I do like the possibility of 5ghz on the wireless on the A&H. Has anyone used both and have any input on pros and cons? It will be for stage use for a 4 piece classic rock band with 4 vocals. Thanks in advance!

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    Honestly I would look to an external router with wifi 6 or 6e so you’re above the venue wifi and guitar and mic wifi dongles etc, I use a TP link DECO 6E
    I have the CQ20B, it took a bit to get used to but its very logical and works flawlessly on WiFi 6E
    you’ll have to look at your tablets and phone to see they support wifi 6.
    also wifi 6 supports loads of simultaneous connections so will cope much better in a busy environment.
    I Did read another post of someone who moved from Behringer to CQ20B and said they had a much clearer sound, do a search.
    I think the firmware for the CQ20B is still young, I’m hoping for better features in the future, I’m hoping for midi or OSC control so I can control it from My gigperformer rig.

    for a brilliant overview of the CQ watch this video

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    I’ve been using the built in 5ghz with no issues. There are issues if you try to use 2.4ghz AND Bluetooth together – others have also reported this.

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    Used my CQ20 on 5Ghz in a big club on Saturday and it worked flawlessly. Having used and measured the 2.4GHz internal WiFi on both Soundcraft and Behringer mixers, both were not safe to use without and external router. The 5GHzband is clearer and has a guard band between each channel. It is not affected by Bluetooth and has a much higher signal strength than the others.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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