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    I did a bit of an experiment to see how my CQ-20B performed (temperature wise) while inside and outside of a case. The case used was a Gator G-PRO-6U-13 with the front and rear cover removed during testing. This left the front and read open with the sides of the case being unventilated hard roto-mold plastic. I collected temperature, and fan speed indications, at set intervals (both with and without the system playing back multi-track audio). Ambient room temperature was about 19 degrees celsius or about 66 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit was shut off and allowed to cool overnight before repeating the test outside the case. Firmware, on the CQ-20B, was r3684 and test was completed on 1/24/2024. Attached is a screenshot of the results.

    While not exactly scientific in nature, I am of the impression that this case did not substantially change the operating temperature (less than 2.5% max values) during this test. Of course, this was under perfect conditions (inside and at a comfortable room temperature). Just passing along in case this helps anyone.

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    Thanks for that. I’m not a CQ owner at the moment but am on the hunt for a 16ch rack mixer and currently looking at all the various product spec / pros and cons. Ventilation was a consideration as the rack ears appear to cover the ends.

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    There is a fan on the right side of the mixer when looking from the front. With the rack ears on, the fan becomes located behind the front rack plate but there is a special cutout in the rack ear side to prevent the fan from being covered up.

    There are ventilation holes on the top rear of the mixer and I think the system is designed to ventilate through the front jacks as well (because I feel heat coming from them). In any case, it seems like the fan can do its job inside of a rack case; the rack ears themselves cause enough left and right clearance so that it’s impossible for the fan to be blocked. I don’t know what the max possible fan RPM is but the readings I took were pretty close in and out of the rack so the system doesn’t appear to be struggling under my test case. Now, outside, with the case sitting on a stage in the sun? Who knows.

    Here is a picture of my setup inside the Gator case

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