CQ-18T multitrack to Logic causing Error: Disk to slow (record)

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    Just replaced my 12 channel focusrite DAW interface with the CQ-18T. I was using the focusrite to record band rehearsals and was hoping the CQ could replace it and serve as a portable mixer that we can bring to gigs so that our mix is already dialed in for in ear monitors.

    If Suddenly, now that i’m using the CQ as my audio interface to Logic Pro X, I’m getting a “Disk is too slow (record)” error every time I try to record. I tried creating a brand new session and I’m not running any plug ins and when I monitor my Performance, I’m running at sub 25% on processing threads and sub 25% on Drive I/O, but after some amount of time, the error pops up and the recording stops.

    When I was running 12 channels out of the Scarlet and Octo Pre, I was having no issues and even running a bunch of plug-ins on all the tracks. Now I just have naked tracks and I’m getting this error. There doesn’t seem to be much info on this – i’ve done some exhaustive google searching…

    Also just to be clear – I just bought a really powerful computer within the last year. 2023 Mac Mini – Mac 2M Pro chip – 32 GB of Memory – 1.5TB of free disk space. Shouldn’t be having any performance issues – don’t know where else to turn – it’s definitely something that started occuring as soon as I hooked up the new mixer. What would you recommend?

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    I have focusrite 18i20 and 18i8 also the Octopre coupled to the i20 via tos and bnc clock cable etc. Am running Logic proX on a mac tower and macbook, both aged running Sierra OS. Having just aquired the CQ20B last week too, Im geared up to do some testing for you at home when I have a moment. I have tried creating a multi AGG setup as I have with my FR interfaces but the clock setting on the CQ is internal only so clockings clash in the system and none will work until you remove the CQ. The CQ appears to work with the other devices disabled but I have not yet run long recording sequence as yet. I will see if I can create a multichannel playback setup on the CQ/recording in logic and see if it has any issues, better than recording silence for testing as waveforms require different levels of processing power depending on their content and frequency spectrum. Thus to test I need to maximise the waves to load up the processor.
    I will see what happens and report back to you in due course unless somebody beats me to it of course.

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