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    Hey y’all,

    I’m working on building out a setup for my church. I’m wanting to run an Avantis FOH & SQ6 for monitor mix with a GX4816 for stagebox with both boards having a Dante card. We also run our wireless in-ears via Dante 1-24 out & Livemix.

    What’s the best way to route the monitors into the SQ6 via Dante?

    Right now the plan is… Avantis takes in all the signal from the GX4816 via SLink. Mains also run back out over SLink to the GX4816. Tie line over the signal from the Avantis to the SQ6 via Dante into the SQ6 for monitor mixes. Also tie line out the in ear mixes via Dante to Livemix for the in-ears.

    What am I missing in signal flow / control setup?

    Follow-up question for bonus points: If I want to run a livestream mix via a Waves card would I do that out of the Avantis or can I also route that over to the SQ6?


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    Use tie lines on Avantis to route GX4816 (sLink) ports to Dante out ports. On the SQ6 map the Dante input ports to the channels.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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