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    Bob Briessinck

    The opposite of the block channel select, a clear fader bank button.

    When rearranging faders (for example going from a c3500 to c1500 messes up all the channel positions) you have to manually drag away every channel from every bank. Very time consuming.

    Same when you have a guest engineer requesting an empty fader bank for his custom layout, it’d save a few minutes if you could just empty a bank with 1 touch.

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    Yup, would be helpful πŸ‘

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    Fader bank Presets would be useful. For emptying there could be an β€žempty bank” preset.

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    Library button for this would be the perfect method πŸ™‚

    (The fader layout screen is a bit full/busy already.)

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    Using the copy paste reset keys could be useful here.

    Reset+layer button to clear layer

    Copy could work in 2 ways. 1 for a whole bank using the layer button. But also copy channel select and paste on blank fader to copy channel to the fader.

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    this makes no sense to me

    if you select blocks of strips you can configure it very quickly
    to empty a layer is not really necessary, at least I don’t know why it should

    only cosmetics?
    could be a function when all other improvements are done πŸ˜‰

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    Bob Briessinck

    Let’s say you are a house engineer at a festival on a C3500 (in my case). You have quite some layers but not as much as an S7000. A guest engineer comes in, but he doesn’t have his own file.

    He asks if he can have a custom channel layout, but time is running out and you need to be fast. Do you really want to go removing each-single-channel from the bank by hand? Takes up some time. So, if there was a button on the screen saying ’empty bank’, within a split second you can start from a clean bank.

    Yes, you can drag and drop channels onto other channels and yes, they’ll be replaced exactly the same, but those channel labels on the config screen aren’t super easy to read and you might start making mistakes easily, taking up more time than just ’empty bank’ and start from a clean bank.

    Also, when making custom fader banks, you usually need individual faders and not blocks…

    Besides, yes, cosmetics matter a lot to me to be honest. I don’t want to be looking at channels that have no function. They distract me from what I have to be doing, which is making music.
    You like to do your taxes on a clean desk too, right? Or do you prefer to have 200 other papers laying around while trying to concentrate? πŸ™‚

    I find this much more useful than wether an EQ freq reaches from 20-20k or has to stay between certain frequencies… πŸ™‚

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    still don’t get the importance of this
    if it’s doable with no effort then I welcome it
    but if it takes a developer for weeks to implement it…

    with DCA spill I’m really fast with providing strip layouts for guest engineers
    and it’s easy for them to change it

    we have more urgent things to implement
    like getting rid of the toggle through the low/high band settings… or individual band on/off

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    Bob Briessinck

    Ok, besides that you are right about more urgent stuff waiting, what is your point in arguing here wether my suggestion has priority or not? I think the folks at A&H are capable of deciding themselves which suggestion has to be on top of the list and which one has to be below. But if I don’t suggest it, it might never even be on that list.

    So, nobody said it is urgent or super important, that’s what you made of it.
    If you want an on/off toggle for the EQ bands, then if you didn’t already, make a topic for it :-).

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    ok, I’m sorry, but your point was covered before

    and we have topics about the ON/OFF buttons for EQ bands already

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    In a festival setup I use to save the festival-patch layout to a scene where I only recall the strip assign! So same for empty banks.. just safe your empty strip layout to a scene wirh recall filter only set for strip assign – done! One button and you get the empty banks!

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